The Virtues of Women – 40 Hadith Regarding

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“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives

from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them,

and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily,

in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect”

Ar Rum 21

In the A-hadith reference is made of the merit, praise and glad tidings of virtuous women. Ahadith of the beloved Nabi regarding the respect, partiality and consideration to be shown to them and whose study is equally necessary for pious men whereby they may recognize and appreciate the rights of their wives. By fulfilling their rights.

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1. Emphasizing the Rights, Favours and Position of One’s Wife.

Jabir t related that on the occasion of the farewall pilgrimage (Hajjatul-Wida), on the day ofArafah, Rasulullah r said:

“O, people with regard to your wives fear Allah I.” (Al Hadith)

between them and their wives is Allah I. It is for his benefit and comfort that she is brought into a Nikah agreement with him and made lawful unto him. His wife is in the trust and protection of Allah I. If a husband is oppressive, then he will be violating a trust given by Allah I and will become an oppressor.

2. Emphasis on Wasiyyah (Bequest).

Rasulullah has mentioned

“Accept this advice of mine that in matters concerning the rights of women, maintain kindness.”

Observing that kindness must be shown to all, but the Rahmatul-lil-alamin has emphasized it by making it a “bequest” unto his ummah regarding women. With regard to kindness to women he emphasized on the words “accept wasiyah” (accept advice).

3. Good Conduct towards one’s wife is a precondition for perfect faith (Iman).

Aisha Siddiqah narrated from Rasullulah that amongst Muslims, that person is more perfect in Iman whose conduct is good with everyone and especially with his wife his attitude is one of kindness and love.   Tirmidhi

4. The Bearer of Goodness and Kindness.

Abu Hurairah narrates from Rasulullah saying:

Amongst Muslims, the most perfect in Iman is he who has good conduct, and the best among you is the one who is good and kind in regard to the rights of his wives.


5. Rasulullah Emphasizing his Point.

The woman who dies when her husband is pleased with her shall enter Jannah. Observe how easily a woman may enter Jannah.

6. Request on Spending on Wives.

It is narrated from Abu Darda who mentions,

“My friend Abul Qasim instructed me to spend on my wife according to my capacity.”

Observe the emphasis on spending on one’s wife.

7. To Attain The Status of Jihad.

Rasulullah has mentioned that a woman engaged in her household duties attains the position of fighting in the path of Allah (Jihad).

8. Reward Attained by Bringing Comfort to One’s Wife.

Rasulullah has mentioned, to assist in your wife’s household chores will obtain for you the reward of Sadaqah. Look! how much emphasis is stressed for the giving of comfort to one’s wife! The Shariah has made it easy for us to attain Jannah.

9. Opening of the Eight Doors of Jannah for Women.

Rasulullah has mentioned that the woman who regularly performs her five daily Salaah and observes the fast in Ramadhan, protects her modesty, obeying and fulfilling the wishes of her husband, will enter Jannah through whichever door she pleases. Meaning all the eight doors are opened to such a woman.

10. Seeking Blessing and Forgiveness for Her.

Rasulullah has said that the woman who obeys and follows her husband, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, the angels of the heavens and the animals in the jungle make du’a for her forgiveness. (Al Bahr-Ul-Muheet) By adhering to this one injunction, how much reward is attained for women? With this Istighfar, if any sin is committed, then she is forgiven, thereafter her degree is further raised.

11.Entering Jannah before Men.

Rasulullah has said:

“O Women! remember the pious amongst you will enter Jannah before pious men.”

On gaining entry into Jannah, these women will have already been bathed, perfumed and made ready to be given to their menfolk in red and yellow coloured carriages, together with such children like scattered pearls. Hakimul Ummah (Rahmatullah Alayh) mentions;

“Women, what other benefit do you desire, your entry into Jannah will be before men, as long as the precondition of piety accompanies this and that is not something too difficult.”

Behishti Zewar

12. The Method to Acquire Allah’s Mercy.

Rasulullah said that, on such a woman the mercy of Allah I descends who awakens at night for tahajjud and awakens her husband as well to perform tahajjud.

13. The Status of the Martyr (Shaheed) Inhabitants of the Sky and the Earth are Unaware

Rasulullah has said: “O Women! Are you satisfied (meaning you should be satisfied) that whenever one of you is impregnated by your husband who is pleased with you, you receive such reward, as one fasting in the path of Allah I or remains awake during the night and when she begins her labour then the inhabitants of the sky and earth pray for the coolness of her eyes, i.e. meaning comfort. When she gives birth, then not even one drop of her milk is discharged nor is the child suckled once from her breast but for every drop or suckle she is rewarded, and because of the child she has to stay up at night she gets rewarded for freeing seventy slaves in the path of Allah I. O Salamah (this is the name of the governess of Ibraheem u, son of Rasulullah) do you know, that woman is meant by this, that despite her being pious, is concerned for her husband, is obedient and not ungrateful to him.”

14. The Reward of Spending from Her Husband’s Earnings.

Rasulullah said that when a woman spends from her husband’s wealth in the path of Allah I, without destroying his wealth (meaning with permission and discretion), not spending beyond his position and allowance, then she is rewarded on spending his wealth and he too receives reward on account of his earning whilst the keeper also receives an equal reward; the reward is not lessened if attained on account of someone.

Note: A woman should not be under the misconception that she will not be rewarded for spending in charity from the husbands wealth.

15. Women’s Reward of Hajj is Equal to Jihad.

gets the reward of Jihad, which is Ibadah.

16. Women are Greatly Rewarded whilst Remaining at Home.

Rasulullah has said there is no Jihad of women (as long as it remains as kifayah), no Jumuah, nor Janazah. Benefit: Observe how much reward they attain merely staying at home.

17. The Pleasure of Allah is in Love (Natural Desire) for One’s Husband.

Rasulullah mentions that Allah I loves the woman who in turn loves her husband and is close to him and protects herself from strangers. Meaning: to love one’s husband and fulfil his desire is not taken as displeasing, as some proud women do, because thepleasure of Allah I, verily a blessing and source of happiness, is therein.

18. Women are Part of Men.

Rasulullah has said that women are part of men. Meaning that the laws regulating women are akin to that of men with the exception of a few particular aspects, if the benefit of these would not have been different, then it too would be nothing to frown upon. Whatever blessings are promised on certain religious obligations the same is promised to women.

19. Order of Consideration.

It is narrated from Abu Hurairah that Rasulullah said:

over looking their faults is emphasized by such great wisdom.

20. The Best Amongst Women.

Rasulullah said the best amongst women is that woman who, when gazed upon by her husband, makes him happy and when requested by him to do something, obeys him and does not displease him by way of physical or financial opposition.

21. The Du’a of Rahmah from Allah’s Nabi.

Rasulullah said may Allah’s blessing be upon women wearing izaar.**

**This is not only limited to clothing worn at night but the trousers worn on the legs during the day as well; to achieve greater modesty and purdah (concealment) in dress. Benefit: Observe that despite izaar being naturally beneficial to purdah, it has simultaneously taken the du’a of Rasulullah in this matter. How much kindness is there on the state of women.

22. The Good of Women is Equal to the Worship of Seventy Awliya.

Rasulullah mentioned that the good committed by pious women is equivalent to the Ibadah of seventy awliya. Benefit: See from one small act how much reward is attained, if this is not consideration, then what is?

23. The Reward and Benefit Attained by the Happiness of Women.

Rasulullah has mentioned that amongst your wives the best is

24. The Mujahid.

A person related to Rasulullah  said: “O Rasulullah , I have a wife and whenever I go to her, she exclaims ‘Welcome to you my husband and the master of my household.” Further more, whenever she observes me in a depressed state, she says: “Why are you depressed regarding this world when the work of your hereafter is being made”. On hearing this, Rasulullah said:

“Inform this lady that she too, is a worker from the workers of Allah I and will be rewarded half the reward of the mujahid.”

Observe the reward she attained by her mere pleasant words.

25. Glad Tiding to Women.

Asma bint Yazid Ansariyah narrates that she asked Rasulullah:

“I am the representative from the women and I have been requested to ask you that men perform the Jumuah (Friday prayer): the Jamaah (congregational prayer): visit the ill; have the pleasure of sitting in your company; perform Hajj and Umrah and protect the borders of the Islamic state, and in comparison, have surpassed us.”

Rasulullah replied: “Return and inform them that your adornment for your husband’s pleasure and the fulfillment of his rights and remaining in his pleasure and obedience is equivalent to all these actions mentioned by you.”

26. Reward Equivalent to Guarding Islam’s Borders.

Rasulullah has said that women from the time of their pregnancy till childbirth and upto suckling period in benefit and reward are similar to the person guarding Islam’s borders.

27. From the Angels.

Rasulullah  said that the woman who is breast feeding her child, for every drop she is rewarded as if giving life to creation and on the completion of this period, is congratulated by the angels on her shoulders and told that all your previous sins are forgiven and whatever is done thereafter is regarded anew (any sin of hers thereafter will be recorded and what is meant by sin here is minor sins which is not insignificant either).

28. On the Day of Judgement (Qiyamah), They will be Raised as Virgins.

Aisha narrates from Rasulullah that the woman whose husband is absent; safeguards her inner most desire, protects herself from make-up, makes herself useful in her household work leaving aside all attempts to adorn herself and is constant in salaah; on the Day of Qiyamah, she will be raised as a virgin, if her husband be a believer then she will be his companion in Jannah and if her husband be a non-believer, then Allah will marry her to a martyr.

Note: In the event that her husband dies without Imaan, then the women will be married to a martyr.

29. Lesson for Men.

Mudhani narrates from Ali t that man is not master of his house if he remains unconcerned about his state, or the condition of his dress nor does it occur to him as to what has protected him from hunger. People who remain indifferent to the state of their household whilst abroad should take heed from this. Rasulullah replied

“When you eat, feed her as well, when you purchase clothes, then purchase for her also, do not strike her (especially not in the face) in argument or discontinue conversation with her in the house.”

Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah

Benefit: If she weeps at this (discontinuation of conversation) then do not leave the house without reconciliation.

30. Instruction of Sabr for the Believing Husbands.

Abu Hurairah narrates that believing men should not be at enmity with believing women, that is their wives, because if one of their habits are disliked then another will certainly be liked and even appreciated.


31. Reward Attained for the Loss of Child.

Rasulullah has said

“the woman who loses three children, deeming it rewarding and bears her loss with sabr will enter Jannah”. One woman inquired “What if two children pass away?”

Rasullullah replied “she will still attain this reward”.

32. In another narration, one sahabi inquired regarding the loss of one child to which Rasulullah mentioned great merit as well.

33. Rasulullah also mentioned that the foetus in the miscarriage will also draw its mother towards Jannah when the loss is taken as a reward and borne patiently.

34. The Best Treasure.

respectfully and modestly in her home.

35. An Excellent Example.

Whenever Rasulullah retired into seclusion, he became very gentle and caring, very pleasant and amiable towards his wives.

36. Reward for the Nearness Unto One’s Wife.

Rasulullah said:

“O men! Even for the nearness unto your wives there is a reward.”

37. Respect and Partiality.

In the Hajjatul Wida (farewell Pilgrimage) on the occasion of riding the camels carrying the women, with speed, Rasulullah forbade this and replied:

“There is glass within, so ride slowly.”

(referring to the delicate disposition of the women within).


Apology: we seem to have lost the numbering from the submitted information if anyone can correct this information please do contact us.


Finally an Important Message Concerning One Misleading Aspect.

This should be remembered by both, husband and wife, that Shaytan at times deceives you into thinking that your partner lacks in the fulfilment of your rights or is committing such and such a sin therefore I too should abandon the fulfilling of his rights or commit the said sin. This notion is highly incorrect because each one of preparing our Akhirah (hereafter) and protecting ourselves from the punishment and terrible afflictions of the hereafter and forever stay in comfort and ease. Ruhul Ma’ani

This lifestyle can only be attained by those who are content and pleased with whatever is granted to them by Allah and are free from greed and avarice, making it obvious that this can only be attained by the people of Iman (faith) and those obedient unto the truth. People turning against Allah I and disobeying Him cannot attain this lifestyle despite having the means and comfort; they still find difficulty and disgrace, because of greed they cannot even reach the smallest aspect of contentment. They are constantly engaged in obtaining more wealth and whenever confronted with something against their desire, they show an immediate dislike to the power and working of Allah I and experience great anxiety, sometimes resulting in suicide as is being witnessed today. This has been explicitly mentioned in the Ayah:

“But whosoever turns away from My Reminder (i.e. Neither believes in this Qur’an nor acts on its teachings.) verily, for him is a life of hardship, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.”

Ta Ha 124

Hayatus Sahabah

Thus basic knowledge of the shariah is necessary for them (these couples) and the creating of a bond with some Shaikh (a learned man who correctly applies the Shariah), they should Remain engaged in ‘llm and application so that comfort and ease can be achieved in this life as well as eternal purity in the hereafter. May Allah I grant us correct understanding and the ability to act accordingly.


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